By Dr. Stacy O'Sullivan
April 07, 2013
Category: Updates
Tags: Opening   Building Updates  

I love hearing parents tell their children phrases like "back when you were just a twinkle in my eye" or "you were just a dream in my heart" because it let's children know that they were loved even before they came into this world.  Watching our building go from a slab of drab concrete to a building with rooms, walls and windows makes me think of these words.  Pediatric Specialists of Tulsa began as a dream, a dream to practice pediatric medicine with warmth and compassion in a beautiful, calming environment.  We believe in building long lasting relationships with families because the best medical care is provided through a trusting bond with your child's physician.

Another phrase I've often heard from colleagues is "they don't teach you THAT in medical school", THAT meaning the business aspect of starting a medical practice.  Starting Pediatric Specialists of Tulsa has been quite a learning experience.  It's been challenging, exciting, fun, interesting, rewarding and wonderful on so many levels.  But the best part is the final reward which is caring for our patients and sharing Pediatric Specialists of Tulsa with the children of Tulsa.