School & Sports Physicals

School & Sports Physicals

Keeping your children active is one of the best ways to keep them healthy and team sports can greatly contribute not just to their health but can also allow them to participate socially with their peers. But to take part most schools will require a physical examination, so for help with school and sports physicals in Tulsa, OK, you can reach out to your local health experts Dr. Stacy O'Sullivan, Dr. Uyen Le, and Dr. Lauren Hayes of Pediatric Specialists of Tulsa.


The goal of a sports physical is to make sure that your child is healthy enough to participate in team sports or PE classes, as required by their school. But even if their doctor diagnoses an issue it does not always mean that they can't participate in physical activities. Being diagnosed with asthma, for example, doesn't mean that they can't play if the disease is well managed.

Just about every health condition benefits from early diagnosis and early treatment, which highlights the importance of regular physicals and checkups.

What To Expect

In either a school or a sports physical you can usually expect many of the same steps of a traditional physical or checkup with their doctor, though these physicals do not take the place of well-child visits, consult with your child's doctor to learn more.

Most schools will require a general school physical, some may a sports physical for PE class, and the majority will ask for it for team sports.

Sports physicals may focus on their musculoskeletal system and your child's heart and lung function but expect a traditional physical overall.

An important step in these physicals is going over your child's health history, which can include past hospitalizations, injuries, surgeries, and anything pertinent to their ability to perform physically without concern.

School and Sports Physicals in Tulsa, OK

For school and sports physicals in or around the area of Tulsa, OK, you can schedule a visit with Dr. O'Sullivan, Dr. Le, and Dr. Hayes of Pediatric Specialists of Tulsa by dialing (918) 523-5437.

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